Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thursday Patterdale to Greenside Mine and back

Another day and how different is the weather, we decided rather than move the car we would try Greenside Mine again, we decided to do it in reverse to how we did it a few years ago. We set off for Glenridding turning up the side of the Beck  and following a well marked path gradually up the valley, before we new it we had missed the path and were going down hill soon joining the road. We were lost but knew where we were so decided to carry on to the mine. When we got to the top the views over the valley were spectacular. We carried on through the mine buildings soon coming to our path down on the opposite side of the beck. The views got better as we moved down and could see Ullswater, before we knew it we were back in Glenridding and heading off to the Hotel to enjoy a last meal and a drink. Tomorrow we head for home.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wednesday aborted walk from Patterdale to Greenside Mine and back

We set off today in high hopes, the weather was ok but rain forecast, by the time we got to Glenridding it was looking ominous. We donned some waterproofs but within a few hundred yards we were soaked so abandoned this walk for the day. We returned to the Hotel and dried off. By early afternoon we got ready and decided to go for a short walk from the hotel so the day was not completely wasted.